Welcome to KittyCon Tampa Bay 2019 presented by St. Francis Society Animal Rescue! While the Tampa Bay area hosts a multitude of rescue dog events throughout the year, there are few events where cat lovers can come together and celebrate their passion for felines. Following the huge success of KittyCon 2018, KittyCon Tampa Bay 2019 will once again take the stage as the area’s first fan convention devoted solely to the love and rescue of cats.

Courtesy of Susan Warren Photography

About St. Francis Society

  • Established in 1997, St. Francis is the oldest and largest animal rescue in the Tampa Bay area. Primarily a cat rescue, St. Francis Society finds homes for dogs too.


  • St. Francis placed over 1600 cats and dogs in homes in 2018. In total, St. Francis Society has found homes for over 30,000 homeless pets.

  • One of the primary goals of St. Francis is to help families keep their pets during hard times. When resources allow, St. Francis helps with veterinary expenses and provides food and supplies so pets are not surrendered to the county kill shelter.


  • St. Francis Society does not have a central shelter, but pets are cared for in one of the largest network of foster homes in the state.

  • St. Francis does not euthanize pets unless medically necessary.


  • St. Francis is a strong advocate for TNVR (trap/neuter/ vaccinate/return) programs to provide better lives for outside, community, and feral cats.


  • St. Francis Society is an all volunteer organization. It receives no government funding and depends solely on the kind generosity of donors, supporters, and friends of the homeless pets in our community.

St. Francis Society Animal Rescue Board of Directors and Coordinators cordially welcome you to the second annual KittyCon!

St. Francis Society Board of Directors

Kathleen Walvoord, President       Jim Martinelli, Vice President

Patti Gumz     Lisa Polk Knight     Laura Langfield     Jen Tate

Laura Metilly     Larry Burghoff     Heidi Mauter-Hale

Gail Ambler, Director Emeritus

St. Francis Society Medical & Adoption Center Coordinators

Andrea Budkis Christian   Sarah Hueter   Lisa Amburg   Kim Long   Mel Fletcher  Stephanie Montouri   Raquel Yusko Aluisy

Loretta Williams, Event Coordinator

Jennifer Ludwick, Sponsor Coordinator

Annette Ngo, Press Coordinator

Stephanie Voth Events, Event Planner



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